Leadership Award


The Order of The First Families of Mississippi established the Award of Meritorious Leadership in Mississippi History and Genealogy in 1994 to honor a person each year who has made outstanding contributions in these areas through research, publications, and historic preservation.

Past recipients serve as the selection committee with the Deputy Governor General, serving as the Chairman.

A nominee must be living and able to attend the Order’s Spring General Assembly the year of his/her award. The Spring General Assembly is held in Natchez, Mississippi.

Specific accomplishments of the nominee such as publications, historic preservation projects, organizational memberships, and any volunteer efforts that have contributed to the preservation of Mississippi history must be substantiated and such data submitted to the committee chairman.

No.  Recipient  Year
3 Marie Luter Upton 1994
11 Everette Geoffrey Truly 1995
442 Etoile Loper Hopkins 1996
103 William Marion Smith 1997
528 Thomas Henry Bowen, Jr. 1999
--- Frances Elizabeth Aydelott 2000
1 Charles Owen Johnson 2002
213 Martha Ker Brady Lum 2003
1150 Mary Collins Landin, Ph.D. 2004
687 Gordon A. Cotton 2005
532 Martha Leese 2007
542 Grady Leese 2007
--- Marjorie Wingo Murray 2008
--- Elbert Riley Hilliard 2012
902 Virginia Miller Brickell 2013
629 Christine Fortenberry Eaton 2015
--- Patsy Carol Brewer 2016
--- Murella Hebert Powell 2018
652 Ann Atkinson Simmons 2021