All Photos by Bill Perkins
(1) Tricia Easley and daughter Elizabeth (2) John Goss and Crystal Springs Tomato Queen Tori Clements (3) Crystal Springs Tomato Queen Tori Clements and Dan Johnson
(4) Lana Goolsby and Janet Schriver (5) Penny Schooler, Sue Patterson, Anna Bruce, and Roy Schooler (6) Beautiful Autumn Table for Luncheon
(7) Ted Dear and Betty Perkins (8) John Paul Smith and Clinton Bagley (9) Lana and Johnny Goolsby
(10) Paula Berry and Bill Perkins (11) Mayor Sally Garland and Barbara Haigh (12) Candy Young, Mickie Brown, and John Taylor
(13) Sylvia Cambell and Jena Melancon (14) Wendy Cartwright, Billie Davis,and Lynn Meador (15) Vicki Netterville, Tim Rutland, and Joyce Shorter
(16) Tricia Easley and Clinton Bagley (17) Barbara Haigh and Mark Henry (18) Johnny and Lana Goolsby
(19) Hamilton Family featured photo display (20) Officers at Head Table - Betty Bradley, Dan Johnson, Mark Henry, Barbara Haigh, Janet Schriver, and Mayor Sally Garland (21) Members Listening to the Program

The Order of the First Families of Mississippi:  1699-1817
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