(0) Video courtesy of Janet Schriver (1) Jeretta and Holmes Sturgeon, Vicki Netterville (2) Tom and Frances Jo Ramsey
(3) Virginia Brickell and Jane Buckman (4) Dan Johnson, Leasa Shorter, Joyce Shorter (5) Charlie Carlisle, Jill and John Taylor, Terry Brantley
(6) Jeannine and John Miller, Todd Sanders (7) Candy Young and Mickie Brown (8) Vernon LaCour and Dan Johnson
(9) Jeffrey Owens, John Paul and Bessie Smith (10) Norma Flora and Tom Bowen (11) Jim and Carol Westermeier, Holmes and Jeretta Sturgeon
(12) Virginia Brickell and Wendy Cartwright (13) Zachary Dear, Alonzo Sturgeon, Ted Dear and Jenna Dear (14) Leasa Shorter, Joyce Shorter, Terry Brantley
(15) John Paul and Bessie Smith (16) Guest Speaker Todd Sanders

The Order of the First Families of Mississippi:  1699-1817
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