The purpose for which the Corporation is created is to:

  • Perpetuate the memory of and to teach proper regard for the character, deeds, and heroism of the founders of the State of Mississippi.
  • To publicly commemorate and celebrate events in the history of Mississippi prior to its admission as a state of the United States.
  • To collect and preserve records, documents, and relics relating to the history and genealogy of Mississippi prior to its statehood.
  • To bring into association and to promote social intercourse among the descendants of the brave men and women who struggled together for life and liberty, home and happiness, in what is now the State of Mississippi before it achieved statehood.
  • To inculcate patriotism in members of the Corporation and their descendants.
  • To engage in other educational, historical, genealogical, patriotic, literary, and social activities.

The Order of the First Families of Mississippi:  1699-1817
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