1770 NC - after 1830

Simeon Travis (1770 NC - after 1830), one of seven children of Revolutionary War Patriot William Mills Travis and Abigail Denmark of North Carolina and Georgia, came with his family to Mississippi Territory by 1815-1817 to Amite County, with the Granberrys. Simeon maintained property interests in NC until after 1820, but by 1820 had moved north from Amite to Hinds County, Mississippi. His siblings were Lydia (b. 1754, m. Mr. Albritton); Sidi (b. 1756, m. Mr. Barrow); Amos (b. 1758, m. Frances Pierce, d. Moundville AL); Dolly (b. 1763, m. Amos Moore); Asa (b. 1767, m. Elizabeth Haddock); and Gideon (b. 1775, m. ??, d. Montgomery AL).

Simeon married Mary Ann Stafford (1774 NC - 1842) from North Carolina and Georgia in 1792, and they had five children: Rhoda (b. 1796), Elizabeth (b. 1813, m. Daniel Carter), William Allen (b. 1815, m. Miss Easterling, then Sarah Chappell), Nancy Ann (1800-1883, m. Jonathan Granberry), and Ezekiel Stafford (1794-1879, m. Martha Jane Granberry, sister of Jonathan). The Travises were early members of Palestine Baptist Church in Hinds County, then moved to Perry County, and by 1850 on to Jasper County, Mississippi, where they were early members of Shady Grove Baptist Church near Heidelberg, where six generations of Travises and relatives are buried.

Of his children, only Nancy Ann (Granberry), William Allen, and Ezekiel Stafford have numerous descendants from large families. Simeon and Mary Ann Travis are buried near the Buie River in the northwest corner of Perry County with Jonathan and Nancy Ann Granberry. The Travis Graveyard of this family is a National Park Service tour stop on Jamestowne Island in Virginia, and the Travises were a pioneer Jamestown/Williamsburg family.

Ezekiel Stafford Travis and his wife Martha Jane Granberry moved from Perry County to southeast Jasper County, MS, to the Shady Grove area near Heidelberg. They were parents of William Stafford (b. 1819, m. Mary); Seth Granberry (b. 1822, m. Martha A. J., then Almina C.); William Allen (1823-1849, never married); Nancy Ann (1826-1847, m. John Cooley); Mary Ann (b. 1834, m. John Cooley after her sister Nancy Ann died); James Granberry (1831-1912, m. Susan Merrill Satcher); Elizabeth (b. 1821, m. William P. Cherry); Loammi Granberry (1838-after 1860, never married); Martha Jane (b. 1841, m. James Madison Walker); and Artalisa (b. 1846, m. Green Berry Merrill, then John C. Lyon).

James Granberry Travis and his wife Susan Merrill Satcher, widow of Hugh M. Satcher who was killed in the Civil War, and daughter of Abel and Eliza Cooley Merrill from SC who emigrated to Wayne then Jasper County, MS, had twelve children. First, Susan and Hugh had four sons, William Watson (1856-1860), Robert Newton (1858-1934, m. Sally Jane McFarland), James Henry (b. 1859, m. Sarah Junetta Husband, d. Oklahoma), and Hugh Merrill (b. 1862, m. Mary Ella (Dollie) Lyon). After the War, Susan married James G. Travis, and they had Simeon Ezekiel (b. 1866, m. Martha Shelton Hall); Green Berry (b. 1868, m. Ida Leggett); Eliza (b. 1869, never married); Annie Bell (b. 1872, m. William Archie Stevens); Mattie (b. 1871, m. William A. McClellan); Susan (b. 1874, m. J. Oliver Trest, d. Florida); Ida (b. 1876, m. Robert Kelly, d. Jackson MS); and Madison Granberry (b. 1878, m. Jane Penelope (Nellie) Ellis).

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Mary Collins Landin
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